Wednesday, August 08, 2007

08/08/08 arrives a year early!

Those of you who know me well know that I have always been a numbers guy. So it should come as no surprise that during my lengthy sojourn in the US, I wound up setting a "target" date for when I would like to return to Kenya. I left home in August 1998 to pursue further studies with the stated goal of returning "when it made sense." Following a bachelor's and master's degree, I had student loans to pay, and by God's grace I landed a great job with Google that allowed me to pay them off in short order. The question of "when it made sense" to return thus became an open-ended one, and at some point I settled on 08/08/08 as the target date.

In God's providential timing, He orchestrated a chain of events that led to me leaving the US on 2 weeks' notice for an indefinite assignment to Google's new office in Nairobi. And the clincher - I flew out of San Francisco airport on 08/08/07, exactly a year early!

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Anonymous said...

Well i guess the big question is why 1 year earlier? If this was the destiny or hand of God then he must have a reason why this happened one year earlier. Use yur time in Kenya wisely and most importantly for God. He brought you back for a reason!